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Who Uses WriteWords

There are three groups of people we work with to help them tell their story.

Small and medium enterprises: At WriteWords, we help you grow your business through words. We will create content that communicates your message to your customers and give you greater visibility, both online and offline. The content we create for you will build trust among your customers, as they’ll see you as an expert in what you do. Creating quality content takes time, and we will devote our time to deliver excellent content for you, leaving you free to run your business.

Writers: We help aspiring and established writers to shape their stories, whether you are looking to self-publish, submit to a publishing house or write for pleasure. We offer services that will take you from the germ of an idea to the finished product. We know how easy it is to get lost in your story and we will help you build a structure which will boost your chances of finishing that story and helping it find a readership.

Charities and Community Groups: These organisations have the power to change lives, and that’s a compelling story. WriteWords will help you tell that story in a way that will inspire people and help them see the value of your organisation’s work. Your stories will be a call to action, encouraging people to get involved in your organisation, through donations or volunteering. Our workshops and content-creation services give your staff and service users the confidence to tell your own story, which will give you access to free publicity channels, keeping your resources free to help the people who matter – your service users.

Find out more about how our content can help you achieve your goals. Visit our editing, training and content creation pages for more information.

About Derbhile

Derbhile Graham is a creative soul in love with communication in all its forms. She holds a Masters in Journalism, is a former Toastmaster and is also the author of a novel, The Pink Cage.

In 2009, she set up WriteWords Editorial to help other people tell their stories. She started off by helping businesses communicate their message, but has since expanded her reach.

She now also works with writers who aspire to be published and community organisation like the National Council for the Blind and Waterford Libraries.

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Derbhile Graham



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