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The best person to tell your story is you. Our training workshops give you the tools to tell your story and communicate it to your intended audience.

Creative Writing Workshops. In our creative writing workshops, you will do fun exercises that will teach you the skills of storytelling. There’ll be lively discussions about texts from great writers. Above all, you’ll feel the sense of deep achievement that comes from writing a complete story and sharing it with a group – or if you choose, the world. Workshops are suitable for adults and for children aged 11+.

Speak with Confidence Workshops – Public speaking is more feared than spiders or death. In our workshops, we break down that fear barrier with activities that are so much fun, people will be speaking in front of a crowd before they know it. People will see that they have a voice and they’ll have the confidence to use it in all situations.

Present with Polish – Being able to deliver a polished presentation will give you the edge in the workplace or at college. Our workshops will give you a step-by-step guide to creating killer presentations, from deciding what to say to controlling your nerves to body language.

A Space for Writing – Would you like to do a creative writing course, but can’t find the time? Have you got an idea for a book and need help bringing it to life?  Our one-to-one consultancy gives you the space to explore your creativity and your ideas.

Create Killer Content – We’ll help you save time and money by showing you how to create your own press releases, blogs, web content and social media posts. We also show you how to put together a content plan, which helps you define your message and figure out the best ways to spread that message.

How To Sell Yourself Without Selling Out. As an artist, it can be hard to come to terms with the idea of selling your work. The good news is that you can sell your story by telling your story. Our workshops show you how to create online and offline publicity campaigns that will earn you free publicity and give you the opportunity to spread the word about the wonderful work you’re producing in a friendly, relevant way.


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