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Whether you want a comprehensive edit of your writing or just a fresh pair of eyes, we’ve got an editing service to suit you.
Developmental Editing: Our developmental editing service gives you the big picture on your story and how well it works. Developmental editors concentrate on the content of your story rather than the spelling and grammar. They will give comprehensive suggestions on how to improve your characterisation, plot, dialogue, setting and language. They may also make changes to the text to improve its quality, moving it around, cutting out excess text and suggesting ways to expand. Developmental editing is ideal for authors who are ready to publish and want a final verdict, or authors who have finished their first draft and need some direction.
Our developmental editing service comes in two different forms.
Readers’ Report: This is a comprehensive report suggesting ways for you to develop your story. We will give overall recommendations for developing your story and then show you how to implement these recommendations, chapter by chapter.
Full Developmental Edit: As well as the readers’ report, we will move text around to ensure continuity in the story. We will combine pieces of text that we think fit together well and cut out text if it repeats what has already been said, or doesn’t add to the story in any way. These changes will make your story more easily comprehensible to readers and more enjoyable to read.
Copy Editing: We will edit your work line by line to ensure that your language is as accurate as possible and that your story reads well. This is also known as line editing. We will weed out spelling and grammar errors, flag up factual inaccuracies and inconsistencies and reword clunky sentences to ensure your meaning is understood.
Proofreading: Our proofreading service is ideal for people who have finished their book and want to fine tune it. We will correct spelling and grammar errors and make sure that the layout of the book is consistent: for example, that chapter titles are written in the same style.

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